Go For Gold

Sporting teamwork challenge for victory

2 - 8 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
16 - Unlimited


Take on a challenge of Olympic proportions as your team strive to go higher, faster and longer! Go For Gold is your team’s chance to experience the passion, fervour, grit and determination that it takes to attain the ultimate prize – a gold medal! Go for Gold is a competitive challenge where the main objective is to collect as many points as possible within a given time frame by carrying out a series of activities. Participants split into teams and receive their tablets. They are guided by the Quickfire app to select sporting missions they will complete as a team. Teams must realise their capabilities quickly and select the missions that they know they can complete successfully to maximise their points.

To make it even more interesting there are bonus activities that require the involvement of more than one team or teams to compete against each other. The Quickfire app tabulates the points so teams can see their progress. The activity concludes with a medal ceremony and team celebrations.

Learning Outcomes

Designed to be both challenging and fun, the primary focus is teamwork. Participants learn in practise that "the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts". Realising and communicating clearly ones strengths and weaknesses is imperative. Teams must employ strategic thinking and have an agile, flexible plan in order to maximise their points. Clear communication, leadership and roles are imperative to ensure the team works together as one.

To ensure maximum participation by all, sporting activities can be designed with the abilities of the group in mind. Go for Gold is a totally fun, memorable activity that enhances team bonding and boosts employee engagement and well being.

Related Testimonial

Go for Gold was a great way for our people to experience team work in action. Interesting discussing it after the event, they said it was really tricky to be realistic about their own abilities with people they didn't know but how they found out through the activity how important this was. I know everyone felt refreshed from time outside doing something physical. Was great to have the technology to drive the activity ... the scores being real time meant teams could keep adjusting their strategy and approach as they went along. From that perspective, I'm glad we chose to do it over a 2 hour period.


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