Explore team dynamics using a series of problem solving challenges

1 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


In Breakthrough teams must complete a series of active challenges within a tight time frame and with specific resources. Teams start by evaluating the available resources, set realistic goals and reach a consensus on how these will be achieved. The allocated time slots are ‘just enough’ to complete each challenge, so teams are pushed but remain motivated by their successes. Teams are encouraged to review their performance and take learning’s forward to the next challenge. After completing their journey, the group is reunited for the final challenge either competitive or collaborative so everyone is a winner!

Learning Outcomes

The problem solving challenges in Breakthrough are each carefully designed to explore communication and highlight various aspects of team work. In a short time teams learn about the basics of team dynamics. Individual come to appreciate how their own interpersonal style may effect their team’s success. They also realise the strengths of others. If required, Breakthrough can be tailored to be a platform for team profiling techniques like Belbin or Myers-Briggs. Breakthrough is professionally presented in a menu format that can be tailored to venue, delegate number and specific business issues.

Related Testimonial

Breakthrough successfully revealed the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in a team while highlighting the fundamental principles underlying successful teams. The activity spoke for itself.


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